Ultimate Guide to Buy Tennis Nets

Looking to buy tennis nets for your club? Read here how to spot a high-quality tennis net that will last for years

Purchasing new tennis nets are a regular expense for every tennis club. The task of changing nets is a nuisance. So, will your nets last longer if you spend a little more on them? How do you spot the difference between tennis net qualities?

How strong does a tennis net have to be?

Quite strong, actually! An outdoor tennis net and its components are subjected to up to 1,200 hours of sunlight each year. Tennis balls hit a net at up to 130 mph. The net headband needs to withstand extreme ball impact and the net body is under permanent tension. Quality is paramount if you want your net to last.

Quality of tennis net material

PVC coated polyester net cord
PVC coated polyester net cord

A tennis net can only be as good as its components and workmanship combined. Let’s look at the differences in net components first.

Polyethylene or polyester nets?
Tennis nets are generally made from either polyethylene or polyester. Both materials offer strong weather resistant properties. However, polyethylene is more hydrophobic than polyester, meaning it does not absorb as much water. As a result, a net from polyethylene will be more stable in wet weather conditions.

Polyester however offers better UV resistance making it less prone to sun damage. The highest quality nets are made from polyester with a PVC coating to stop water absorption.

Braided or twisted net cord? 
The net cord can be braided or twisted. Braided nets are considered superior over twisted nets, partly because braided nets are generally speaking stronger. The braided structure also allows the net to absorb more impact energy so a ball that hits a braided net will drop closer to it compared to a twisted net.

Net cord strength
The net cord strength plays the most important part in net durability. Low cost tennis nets are made from 2.5mm strong cord (or less). Mid-range nets are made from around 3 to 3.5mm cord strength. A top of the range net can be made from up to 5mm cord strength.

Other net components

Net headband
The net headband is the wide white tape that runs along the top of the net. It holds the net body and it houses the net cable. Most net headbands are made from polyester. However, high-end nets may feature a vinyl headband for aesthetics rather than durability. Vinyl is easier to clean, dust or even mildew will not settle on a non-woven vinyl surface as easily as on a woven polyester tape surface.

The net cable
The tennis net cable runs along the top edge of the net and holds the net up. It is under constant tension so strength is paramount. Watch out for sufficient thickness (4mm) , indication of maximum load and a vinyl or PVC coating.

The side and bottom bands
Good quality tennis nets will always come with a reinforced edge along the side and bottom edge of the net.

Tennis net quality of workmanship and construction

The quality of your net is not only defined by its components. How these components were put together is just as important.

Double layer net top panel
Higher quality tennis nets have an additional layer of net body along the top 5 or 6 rows. That’s because ball impact in this part of the net is most forceful and frequent. A double layer net panel will make your net last longer.

Headband stitching
One of the first signs of wear and tear in a low-quality net is usually the stitching that fixes the net body to the headband. A heavy-duty sewing thread applied with a quad seam (four lines of stitching) rather than a simple twin seam makes a real difference in overall net lifespan.

Buy tennis nets that are right for your club or court

Consider your use of tennis nets to decide on the right level of quality. For example, a net for indoor courts does not need to have as much UV resistance. Therefore, a simple, uncoated polyester net body may be sufficient. If you are purchasing tennis nets for outdoor courts opt for a polyethylene or PVC coated polyester net body.

Consider the frequency of use and level of play. A net used occasionally on a private court, or at a school, will not need to withstand as much force and ball impact as a net installed on a busy club court. A low-cost net made from twisted cord, and thinner 2.5mm cord, can be sufficiently durable for private courts with less frequent use.

Check out the manufacturer’s warranty. Our top-of the range LOB-Sport tennis net CLUB comes with an unmatched 5 year warranty on the net body. Other brands may offer shorter durations if at all.

If you are looking for a long-lasting net for a busy tennis club and your budget does not allow for a top-of the range premium net, go for the highest price point you can afford. A good-quality mid-range tennis net such as our LOB-Sport WIMBLEDON net may be a perfect solution. A bestseller for many years, it features a braided polyethylene body net in a 3.2mm strength, a PVC coated steel cable, 6mm strong enforced edging and 5 rows of double layer top panel.


All tennis nets wear out after a while, but there are huge differences in quality so that some nets last far longer than others.

Net component quality and construction play a role in the durability of a tennis net. A net of low quality can easily start to show first signs of tear and breakage within just one year of use. A high-quality net will last many more years, save you money and the hassle of frequent net changes.

A final piece of advice
When you buy tennis nets, always look out for official certification. Our LOB-Sport nets are all certified to DIN EN 1510 standards. That means they have a net size of 12.72m x 1.07 m and fully comply with ITF and DTB tennis regulations.

Poor quality net with signs of tear and breakage.
Poor quality net with signs of tear and breakage.


LOB-Sport has been Germany’s number one brand for high-quality tennis nets for many years. All nets come in the 42ft doubles size complete with head cable in double loop finish. 

LOB-Sport nets are made in Germany. They are now available in the UK exclusively through Teamgeist Ltd. Tennis clubs, schools and private tennis court owners can purchase directly through our Tennis Court Supplies ecommerce shop.
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