Looking for a Drag Brush or a Drag Mat?

Tennis Court Supplies has the largest range of tennis drag mats and drag brushes in the UK.

Finding the right drag mat or drag brush for your club’s needs is important. Drag brushes for clay courts are different from those for artificial turf or sand infilled indoor courts. Our range has just become even more comprehensive. We have added two new drag brushes and one new clay court drag mat to offer a mat and a brush for every need.

Drag Brush Collection 

We stock a total of 8 variations of drag brushes in our online shop. We cater for all court surfaces and budgets with prices ranging from £199 to £299. 

Following customer requests we have added three drag brushes in a narrower 1.5m width in addition to the standard 2m width. A 1.5m wide drag brush may be easier to handle and to store. 

We have CLAY STANDARD drag brushes for synthetic clay court surfaces. They are available in two types of bristle: hard PVC and softer natural Arenga. 

Our ARTIFICIAL TURF drag brush is designed for synthetic grass, featuring tougher bristles and extra weight elements at both ends of the brush.

The indoor GRANU-TOP drag brush with a clever bristle arrangement is specifically developed to brush out loose carpet fluff as you redistribute the infill.

Tennis Clay Court Drag Brushes

Our STEEL WIRE drag brush features steel bristles. It is an indispensable tool for your natural clay court spring overhaul routine. The brush helps loosening up hardened clay patches that may otherwise cause the court to become waterlogged. 

Our STANDARD COMBI and PREMIUM COMBI drag brush mats are very popular with clubs. Many court installers recommend this type of combi brush mat as it efficiently lets you sweep and drag mat your court in one convenient step.

Tennis Clay Court Combined Drag Brush and Drag Mat

We stock replacement parts for all our drag brushes including brush head elements  and aluminium handles. Attachable aluminium edges can turn your drag brush into an infill spreader.

Please contact us if you are not sure which type of brush may be right for your court surface.
View our drag brush offer online here.


Drag Mat Collection 

With 13 drag mat options we offer the largest choice in the UK. Starting from single layer light weight drag mats with wooden rod at £135 to double layer weighted aluminium rod drag mats at £225. We also stock the popular SUPER CLEAN from Australia that doubles up as a rake for all court surfaces, including hard courts.

Drag mats come in a variety of mat net lengths and weights. Heavier and longer drag mats can be more efficient but they may be more difficult to handle for juniors. They may also be discouraging for players to use.

Drag mats with wooden rods remain very popular as the actual mat is exchangeable. Should your original mat get damaged, you simply purchase a replacement mat. The wooden rod adds weight which helps efficiency.

Our top seller for natural/ real clay surfaces is the aluminium drag mat ALUPLAN. This mat features a weighted, angled aluminium rod, making it just as heavy as a wooden mat but with the added benefit of an angled edge to help spread misplaced clay.

If you need help with selecting the right drag mat for your court, read our article “Drag Brush or Drag Mat”.
Alternatively, please call and also view our drag mat online offer here.


Selecting the right drag brush and mat will help you maintain your tennis court surface and keep it performing longer. We offer the largest selection in the UK covering a range of price points catering for every surface type.

If you need help selecting a brush or mat, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let us know the type and brand of your court surface, and we will recommend the best product for your specific needs.

If you are a court installer, we would love to work with you in offering drag mats and drag brushes to your clients alongside your installations. 

You can call us on 0203 372 5791 or get in touch via our contact form.

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