Our Bestselling Tennis Net

We offer a wide range of tennis nets but the ‘WIMBLEDON’ net is by far our best-selling tennis net of all. We sell close to a 1,000 tennis nets every season in Germany and almost 800 are the WIMBLEDON. Its success is down to a perfect combination of quality components, superior workmanship and an honest price point. This makes it an optimal choice for a range of tennis venues.

Quality Components for a Bestselling Tennis Net

bestselling-tennis-net-wimbledonThe components of a tennis net which determine its longevity are the net body, the net headband and net edge finishing. These elements must withstand high speed ball impact and, in the case of outdoor nets, deterioration from UV sun rays, wet and frost.

Net body: the WIMBLEDON tennis net is made from braided polyethylene twine of 3.2mm diameter. Many other tennis nets are made from polyethylene, but they are typically made from thinner and twisted, rather than braided, twine with a diameter of only 2.5 or 2.8mm. Braided twine has more inherent elasticity compared to twisted twine and is longer lasting.

Headband: many manufacturers make headbands from vinyl material which breaks more easily when exposed to the elements. Vinyl can also become slippery which is why a net with a vinyl headband does not conform to ITF tournament regulations. We make all our net headbands from strong polyester webbing. The WIMBLEDON features a heavier premium webbing for extra strength.

Edge reinforcement: the side edges and the hem of the WIMBLEDON tennis net are reinforced with a strong 6mm polyethylene cord with high tensile strength – enhancing durability. 

Tennis Net Workmanship

bestselling-tennis-netOne of the most important quality of a tennis net is the craftsmanship with which it is put together. The WIMBLEDON tennis net is produced in a small, family-run production facility in Germany that has manufactured tennis nets for us for forty years. 

The net body is hand knotted and features six rows of double twine reinforcement along the top. These double rows are a key contributor to its longevity. Lob Sport pioneered this type of construction several decades ago, and many other manufacturers have copied it. 

Have you noticed that one weakness of many tennis nets is their headband attachment seam? A break of this seam is usually the first damage seen in a low-cost net. Our WIMBLEDON tennis net features a twin lock stitch seam with a strong, quality thread that lasts.

Other Net Features

Colour: because of the volume of WIMBLEDON nets we produce, we can afford to offer this net in two colours - green or black - to suit your venue. 

Branding options: since this net is manufactured in our own facility, we can offer it with custom branding at a low minimum order qty of just 40 units.

Compliance: Like all our other tennis nets we manufacture, the WIMBLEDON is tested to DIN EN 1510 standard and complies with the ITF (International Tennis Federation) rules. The net size is 12.72m x 1.07m.

The Lob Sport Brand

Our brand, Lob Sport, was founded over 40 years ago. The company is based in Nürnberg, Germany and is still run by the original founder’s family. Over the decades, it has grown into a wide-ranging international company renowned for supplying high-quality tennis court equipment.

Lob Sport continues to produce a large part of its product range in Germany with product innovation, safety standards and ethical compliance key to our values.

Tennis Court Supplies has been distributing the full range of Lob Sport products in the UK since 2018. 


The WIMBLEDON tennis net is made from quality components. It is manufactured to the highest standards at its trusted production facility in Germany. This bestselling tennis net is exceptionally durable at a reasonable price. This makes it the perfect choice for a wide variety of venues, including tennis clubs, tennis academies and universities.

Discount Offer

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