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We stock the full range of tennis court equipment to help anyone who owns, maintains or builds tennis courts. If you are a court builder, we have a range of net posts and clay court lines for you. If you are a club coach or court owner, check out our tennis windbreaks and quality tennis nets including the only net with a 5 year guarantee.

Here is a list of our best-selling product categories with a few ‘need-to-know’ facts you might want to consider before you buy.


Tennis Nets

Tennis net and net components are exposed to sunlight for up to 1,200 hours per year. Balls hit the net at a speed of up to 200 km/h. The net headband has to withstand hard hits and grazing shots every day, all while the net is permanently under tension. Weaknesses of an inferior net will show up quickly, often during the first season. 
Our tennis nets last for many years. Our best net the ‘CLUB’, comes with a 5 year warranty - the only net in the UK market with such a quality seal!
If you need any help choosing the right tennis net for your court, please take a look at our article Tennis Net Buying Tips here.

Tennis Net Posts 

Tennis net posts must withstand enormous force from the tension wire and the suspended net. A strong ground foundation is essential to ensure lasting stability of a net post. And a set of quality tennis net posts is just as important. Posts should be made from either galvanised steel or aluminium. Because the aluminium posts are rust-free, and much lighter, many consider them to be superior. 
The net post winder mechanism is another important element to consider when purchasing posts.
External winder tension mechanisms can be a hazard to players and should no longer be installed. Internal winder systems can come with fixed or removable external handle. But a protruding crank handle can be tempting for children, vandals and passer-bys. The latest net posts are designed with an internal winder mechanism that is operated with an internal crank system hidden inside the post.
For more information and help with selecting the right tennis net post for your court, visit our blog post Tennis Net Posts Explained.

Clay Courts: drag mats, drag brooms, the Cleansweep 

The popularity of artificial clay court surface has been growing in recent years. These surfaces need less maintenance than real clay courts and are wonderful to play on. But some maintenance is still essential to extend the lifespan of an artificial clay surface. 
Re-distributing the clay with a drag mat after play is a vital task. And keeping the court clear of leaves and debris with a rubber rake is just as important to avoid rot and algae growth. Infill material must be topped up and re-distributed with a drag broom and lines need to be cleared with a line brush. 
As a clay court specialist, we offer all the clay court maintenance equipment you need.
You might even want to consider the Cleansweep. A patented drag mat that doubles up as a leaf sweeper and is suitable for all court surfaces, including hard courts and grass.
For more information, please check out our two articles Clay Court Maintenance and Drag Brush or Drag Broom.

Tennis windbreaks or privacy netting

Tennis windbreaks are a means to advertise your sponsor and personalise your club, and they also serve a very practical purpose. As the name suggests, they reduce wind influences and screen the court for player privacy. 
An effective windbreak should be at least 2m high. We recommend the background colour to be a solid, dark shade. The tennis ball should stand out against this backdrop. Any custom print design and colour should take this into consideration. 
To help with the cost of windbreaks, clubs like to get a local sponsor for a custom printed windbreak. Custom windbreaks can come in a range of colours, and virtually any size, but there are certain points to consider. Please read our Windbreak Buying Tips before you go overboard with a custom order that you might regret.

Tennis court divider netting 

Divider nettings are traditionally installed at indoor venues. However, because of Covid-19 and social distancing rules, they are now experiencing a surge in popularity for outdoor tennis courts. 
Whether you consider divider netting for indoors or outdoors, they are a much-valued upgrade at any club. They help players focus on their own game and are an important safety feature.
But before you order, make sure you have the right divider netting for your purpose. Read our article The Divider Netting for all you need to know.

Tennis scoreboards: The Match Pointer

Our popular ‘Match Pointer’ tennis scoreboards have set the standard in tennis scoring for many years. It features a unique double-sided design with functional, large print score dials, offering visibility for players and spectators.
Designed specifically for use in tennis tournaments, ‘Match Pointer’ products are made from a UV-durable material for brilliant colour that lasts. The scoreboards are lightweight, making them an easily portable scoring option.
We have produced thousands of Match Pointers for tennis associations such as Tennis Australia and the LTA. It is a tried and tested product.
If you would like to learn more about our brand new Premium version, please read our article here: Premium Match Pointer


Roundup - tennis court equipment you can trust

Tennis Court Supplies stocks the full range of tennis court equipment. Our products are tested, modern, compliant with DIN standards and made to the highest specifications.
We help club managers, head coaches and private court owners to purchase all their court equipment conveniently from one place. At the same time we give you peace of mind. Our prices are fair and the product is of excellent quality and long lasting. 

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