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It started with clay court maintenance equipment

I am a German national and have lived in the UK for over 20 years. I joined my local club in London shortly after moving here. When my tennis club upgraded some of its courts from astro turf to artificial clay in 2016, the members loved playing this surface! The clay courts courts always booked up first.

Because clay surfaces are relatively new in the UK, there was very little advice available on maintenance and it was difficult to find a decent selection of good quality clay court maintenance equipment. A business idea was born!

Red clay tradition in Germany

Germany has a long tradition of natural red clay tennis court surfaces. This court surface with a top layer of crushed brick, is a complex and delicate surface that requires intensive maintenance. You must roll to preserve flatness, water before play to bind the top layer and drag mat after play. The artificial clay, most often installed in the UK, is less maintenance intensive but you do need some specialist maintenance equipment to keep your court in good condition.

Clay equipment specialist

We pride ourselves in being the UK’s number one specialist for synthetic clay maintenance products. We stock the largest range of drag mats and drag brooms. Our most popular equipment is available from our online shop. In addition, we have a large range of product, including real red clay maintenance, available off-line.

We supply product not easily available elsewhere in the UK. For example, we supply court installers with set-in PVC court tennis lines. Clubs can purchase specialist supplies such as replacement top up clay or water puddle removers from us.

Supplies for all court surfaces

We also stock a wide range of products for other court surfaces including windbreaks, divider nettings, court benches and of course nets and posts. You can buy all your club and court needs from one place - even coaching equipment such as ball machines and mini nets. We have around 500 high quality, tried and tested, tennis court products in stock.

We are here for you

We offer professional advice and a customer-friendly service from product choice to help with installation. If you recently had a clay surface installed and are looking for maintenance advice, please take a look through our blog articles. Alternatively, contact us with any questions.

Trade welcome

If you are a court installer, construction company or court refurbisher, we would love to hear from you. Open a trade account with us for our trade price list. Work with us in partnership for tennis market exposure.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Pat & Nick

Our Partner

LOB Sport is the leading provider of tennis equipment and specifically clay court maintenance equipment to the German market. They are a division of BECO Bermüller & Co GmbH, the surface specialist for real red clay and all kinds of athletic track surfaces. LOB Sport have offered a large variety of products around the tennis court for more than 30 years.

They stock all major European brands and products, such as SPEZIALA tennis lines, MATCH LINER line sweepers, ALUPLAN drag mats, PERROT pop-up sprinklers, MATCH POINTER scorers, ARP and NASSAU tennis balls and PLAYMATE ball machines.

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