Helping More People Play More Tennis

Tennis Court Supplies partners with charity Bright Ideas for Tennis

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Bright Ideas for Tennis to help them with their goal to get more people play more tennis.

Bright Ideas for Tennis was founded seven years ago by Danny Sapsford to help address the declining participation in tennis. The charity raises money to help tennis clubs to encourage more people to play more tennis.

Bright Ideas for Tennis supports tennis clubs throughout the UK to improve playing facilities, and to raise a club’s profile in their community. Better facilities, exciting events and a popular coaching programme are likely to lead to increased tennis participation and membership growth.

The charity helps clubs with grant applications for bigger capital projects such as installing floodlights or court resurfacing of existing courts. They also help clubs to generate funds in order to further develop already existing coaching programmes.

Over 300 clubs across the UK have already benefited from charity days hosted by Bright Ideas for Tennis. More recently the charity secured funding from Sport England to offer free tennis activity sessions for adults and children with disabilities. Check out their I-Play-30 programme to learn more.


For more information on Bright Ideas for Tennis, to donate or help raise money for them,  please visit their website at

If you are looking for ideas on how to increase membership at your club or if you think your club could benefit from their help and support, please get in touch via the contact form on their website. You can also connect with them directly on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

A perfect match – shared values

We at Tennis Court Supplies believe that quality equipment, and a well maintained tennis club and courts, enhance the playing experience and contribute significantly to membership pride, retention and growth.

We are supporting Bright Ideas for Tennis by donating a percentage of our online sales to the charity.

Like them, we love tennis and we believe that playing tennis enriches people’s lives and wellbeing. We feel lucky and grateful for the opportunity to support them to get more people to play more tennis.

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