Mini Tennis Nets Compared

We sell two mini tennis nets the QUICKFIX and the BIMBI. Both nets are suitable for official mini tennis stage Red play, that is for children aged 5-8. Both products measure 6.10m long with a centre net height of 80cm.


The Quickfix (£219) weighs a little over 6kg. The package is 1 1/2m long, which makes it slightly bulky to carry around. A carry bag can be bought separately if you need one. This set features a strong, rust-free aluminium frame which is easy to assemble. Once set up, the net feels very sturdy, it does not tip over easily in windy conditions. The frame could be left outdoors for several days. We would recommend to take the net off though. The quality of the net feels strong and durable too.


The BIMBI (£89) is a lot lighter and more compact. It weighs just 3kg. We love the handy bag it comes in. Set-up is just as easy and probably a little bit quicker than the Quickfix. This net features a small hook at the top of each pole to keep the net edge straight. However the lightness of the frame may make this set a less durable option. The actual net is also very light and possibly more fragile. The inside of the metal frame may be prone to rust so we would recommend not to leave this net out in the rain. However, overall this is a nifty little net at an unbeatable price.

Both these mini tennis nets are excellent quality products, each with its own pros and cons.

If you are looking for a truly portable mini net, low cost and quick to set up, the Bimbi is hard to beat. Perfect for coaching on the fly and garden practice.

If you are looking for a mini net that is a touch more professional, that lasts and does not blow over, the Quickfix is a great option. Perfect for tournaments and summer camps.

Please watch our above product videos for more details about both mini tennis nets. For more tennis court product videos subscribe to our channel here. To purchase one of these nets, go to our online shop here.

mini tennis nets compared