Premium Match Pointer: Product Launch in 2020

Introducing a new premium version of our bestselling tennis scoreboard and a new XL size

Many years ago passionate tennis player and engineer Heinz Victor developed an innovative, economical, tennis specific scoreboard. He wanted the board to show the score to both players and spectators and be robust and easy to use. The rest is history. The Match Pointer has since sold tens of thousands of units and is still going strong.

Our Match Pointer has been around for over 15 years but we continue to innovate. We are now launching a new Premium version of our Match Pointer that is totally maintenance-free.

Hydrogen bonding?

Surprisingly, the physics of hydrogen bonding play an important part in the development of our scoreboard. Hydrogen bonds cause water molecules to be exceptionally attracted to each other. This sticking together of water molecules in called cohesion. The strong cohesive forces of water mean that the overlapping score discs inside our scoreboard would stick together when they get wet. To keep wet discs turning smoothly, our factory applies a silicon coating to each disc. This works well for years as long as the Match Pointer is only occasionally exposed to rain.

Some clubs prefer to leave their Match Pointers on court at all times and all year round which may cause the original silicon coating on the score discs to wear off. This can be remedied by drying the scoreboard and re-finishing the score discs with our specially formulate silicon lubricant.

The Premium Match Pointer

Our new Premium Match Pointer has score discs which are physically altered to prevent cohesion in the first place, making silicon application redundant. This version is totally maintenance free, even when left outdoors and exposed to heavy rain for a long time. The score discs will never require re-application of silicon coating.

We are launching this new version in our most popular medium size now. Additional sizes will be added next season.

Standard Match Pointer in new size

Customers have asked us for a bigger version and now we can offer one. The new XL dimensions are 65cm in width x 96cm in height, with a score digit height of 12cm, making this board 20% larger than the next size down.

This XL size is ideal for larger tournaments, or where the scoreboard is viewed from a greater distance due to the layout of your courts and spectator area.

Our standard Match Pointer is available in the following four sizes:
small (35 x 50cm), medium (46 x 65cm), large (56 x 80cm) and XL (65 x 96cm)

Where to buy?

Buying your new Match Pointer is quick and easy. We have updated and rebranded our e-commerce site to improve your online-shopping experience. Please visit us at to place your order.

A generous 10% discount applies when you place an order of 3 scoreboards of the same size. This discount is available on both our standard and our premium Match Pointer.

Trade customers and retailers looking to bulk-buy please contact us by email at for our trade price list.

We will be shortly launching our new Advantage discount scheme for loyal repeat customers. Please stay tuned, sign up to our newsletter here or drop us an email to learn more about this scheme if you are looking for other tennis court equipment in addition to our Match Pointer.


If your club likes to keep your Match Pointer on court all year round for daily use by all club members, consider upgrading to our new Premium Match Pointer.

However, if you plan to use the Match Pointer predominately at club tournaments or just leave it on court throughout the busy summer months, then our standard version will be right for you.

Consider the new XL size of the standard version for your show court or for a court set-up where the increased visibility of larger score digits may be beneficial.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding Match Pointer or any other tennis court equipment.

We look forward to serving you.

Premium Match Pointer