Supplying the Lawn Tennis Association

The Lawn Tennis Association recently launched a #TennisForBritain initiative to promote tennis to a wider audience.

A brand relaunch campaign included a new logo and the replacing of the Lawn Tennis Association name with the shorter LTA. A series of events is planned to promote the new brand and the #TennisForBritain initiative across the UK to participants of all ages.

“Our vision is ‘Tennis opened up’, and our mission is to grow tennis by making it relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable,” reads an Lawn Tennis Association statement.

“Tennis is an amazing sport. Anyone can play; whatever their motivation or ability, from all communities and backgrounds. At any age and for a whole lifetime. Tennis provides physical, social and mental rewards both on and off the court.”

As part of this relaunch and to help boost the uptake of the sport, LTA ordered customised Match Pointer tennis scoreboards. The Match Pointers will be used at grassroots tournaments around the country. This custom printed scoreboards will help communicate the new LTA logo and brand image to a wide audience.

This is a wonderful example of marketing money spent wisely on a practical solution. A useful tool that conveys the marketing message in line with the brand ethos.

With another Fed Cup match on the LTA’s horizon in London next month, the countdown to a summer of tennis is well underway. Tickets for all LTA events are available HERE.

Looking for more information about the Match Pointer such as available product sizes or minimum order quantities for customised versions? Please visit our dedicated website