Time Saving Artificial Grass Cleaner

Efficient and thorough artificial grass cleaning devices for tennis courts and sports pitches

Cleaning artificial grass pitches and courts is a time consuming, cumbersome yet vital task for groundsmen and club managers. We sell two very efficient sweeping tools that make cleaning artificial surfaces quick and easy.

The tennis court ‘Clean Sweep’ is for artificial carpet-like surfaces.

The brand new Aussie ‘Turf Sweep’ is for deep pile, artificial grass surfaces. 

If you have responsibility for keeping an artificial grass court or pitch clean, read on to learn how you save time with these tools.

Why clean artificial grass surfaces?

Keeping your artificial grass court or pitch clean is important for many reasons. 

Firstly, organic matter such as leaves and twigs will break down and rot providing a perfect breeding ground for unsightly and slippery moss and algae. Once organic matter start to break down, it is much harder to remove and therefore regular cleaning is paramount.

Secondly, there is also a safety aspect to keeping your artificial surfaces clean.

Solid objects and litter can be dropped by players or spectators, or blown onto the pitch. This is unsightly but, more importantly, can pose risk of injury to players.

The Aussie Clean Sweep - for tennis courts

Artificial grass tennis courts, often referred to as 2G (Second Generation) synthetic surfaces, consist of two elements: synthetic turf and infill. The turf pile is usually short, between 13mm and 24mm in length. 

The ‘Clean Sweep’ is the perfect sweeping tool to manually clean this type of surface fast and thoroughly. Just drag the sweeper across the court once instead of raking, sweeping, and noisy leaf blowing or vacuuming. The ‘Clean Sweep’ is simple to use, makes no noise and is easily stored courtside so it is always at hand for players to use at the end of play.

How does it work?

Four rows of spiked grid capture zones rake debris off the court surface. The debris rests on top of the grid elements. It can then simply be shaken off the device off court.

The ‘Clean Sweep’ is very versatile. It can be used to sweep other types of tennis court surfaces too. Clubs have bought this device to clean astro turf, clay, artificial clay and even asphalt macadam courts. If your tennis club has a mix of different court surfaces, the ‘Clean Sweep’ can be used on all of them.

Where can I buy the ‘Clean Sweep’?

The ‘Clean Sweep’ has been available in the UK for many years. It is now the most popular artificial tennis court cleaning device in the UK. The manufacturer has sold thousands of units around the world. It is available to purchase from our website here: Superclean Drag Mat. We currently run a discount offer for orders of 2 or more units.

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The brand new ‘Turf Sweep’ - for long-pile sports pitches

With the increased popularity of longer pile artificial grass pitches, the Australian makers of the Clean Sweep developed a new cleaning device specifically for this surface. Often referred to as 3G (Third Generation) artificial grass surfaces, they consist of three elements: the synthetic turf, sand infill and rubber infill. The pile has a 35mm-65mm length. 

How does it work?

The Turf Sweep features 5 sieve capture zones. These panels collect debris and, at the same time, filter any captured infill back into the turf. A mesh cover stops collected debris from being blown back onto the pitch. 

Tow the Turf Sweep behind a vehicle for fast sweeping and grooming of large sports pitches, stadiums and arenas. It removes stones, small sticks, metal spikes, screws and safety-pins etc. It also collects organic matter such as leaves and twigs from the pitch, leaving it clean, safe, and ready for play.

By the way, the Turf Sweep can also be used for large 2G pitches where a hand drawn Clean Sweep might be too laborious to use. For more information please download our Turf Sweep flyer here.

Depending on your location we can offer demo appointments or a trial device for testing. Please speak to us or email if you are interested in these options.

Where can I buy the new ‘Turf Sweep’?

This patented artificial grass cleaner is now available in the UK exclusively from us at Tennis Court Supplies. We can also ship to Ireland and EU countries. Order the Turf Sweep online or  contact us through our contact form for a quote.


Keeping your artificial grass clean is now quick and easy thanks to these two professional sweeping devices. 

The hand drawn Clean Sweep is your perfect tool for tennis courts and small 2G pitches. It comes with a 3-year warranty. Order online through our shop at Tennis Court Supplies.

The new Turf Sweep provides a thorough, time-saving solution to cleaning large sports pitches including 3G pitches. Please contact us for a quote or to request a demo.

Both devices are maintenance free and very durable. The Australian manufacturer has a long track record for making industrial sweeping devices that meet the highest standards. Tennis Court Supplies are excited to have been chosen as their UK and EU distributor. 

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Click here to download our Turf Sweep flyer.

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