Professional Tennis Court Windbreaks - Custom Printed for Your Club

If you are looking to smarten up your tennis club and recognise your sponsors, custom printed tennis court windbreaks are a perfect solution. 

At Tennis Court Supplies, we specialise in supplying custom-made, custom-designed and printed windbreaks. Our clientele ranges from big organisations like David Lloyd and Virgin Active to individual tennis clubs. 

Our ordering process is simple, and we offer assistance with design options and to convert your artwork into print-ready files.

The process of acquiring your custom tennis court windbreaks involves six easy steps:

1. Measure your windbreak size:

Our standard windbreaks are 2 meters tall, although you can opt for taller sizes up to 2.5 meters (exceeding 2.5 meters can make players feel really enclosed). The standard length for a windbreak for the baseline end of a court is 12 meters, but we can accommodate almost any length. Keep in mind that very long windbreaks may be challenging to hang and replace, so consider using two shorter panels instead of one very long panel.

2. Choose the windbreak material density:

You have two options for windbreak material density: 160gr/sqm and 200gr/sqm, both made of highly durable, polyethylene mesh. The less transparent 200gr material ensures your logo stands out prominently on custom printed windbreaks. The lighter 160gr material is suitable for areas with strong wind exposure, reducing pressure on the fence and fence posts to which it is attached.

3. Select the best background color:

Custom Tennis Court Windbreaks ColoursOur windbreak materials come in various colours, but traditional, green backgrounds are the most popular. Green blends in with the surroundings, reducing player distractions during games.

4. Choose your print color:

Our printing process involves a print method where print costs increase with the number of colours used. Single-colour print can save costs. You can select your print colour from15 RAL print colours in stock.

5. Create your print artwork:

Personalise your windbreaks with your club's logo, sponsor's logo, tagline, or any relevant information. To ensure high-quality printing, we require your artwork file to be in vector format. Don't worry if you're unsure or unable to provide this format; our experienced graphic designer can assist in converting or recreating your file as needed. Please note that intricate details or complex graphic artworks may be challenging to print, so we may suggest simplifying the artwork if necessary.

6. Size your artwork appropriately:

RAL colours for tennis court windbreaksThe cost of your custom printed windbreak depends on the size of your artwork. To minimise expenses, consider limiting the print size to a maximum of 40% of the entire windbreak panel. However, if you want to make a big impact with your print message, we can stretch the print to within 10cm of the windbreak borders.

Cost and lead times

We can provide a tailor-made quote once we've seen your actual artwork. Please contact us, and feel free to email your artwork idea as an attachment. We aim to respond with quotes within 1-2 business days. Once you finalise the size, color, and artwork of your windbreaks and make the pre-payment, we'll start production.

Delivery times vary throughout the year. In spring and early summer, when we experience high demand, lead times can be around 4-5 weeks. For the rest of the year, we typically fulfill orders within 2-3 weeks after artwork approval. Keep in mind that shipping from Germany to the UK adds approximately one week to the delivery time.

Need help with artwork design? 

If you have a clear idea of what you want but don't have the artwork ready, feel free to get in touch with us. We'll be delighted to help you with the design.

All our windbreaks are professionally finished with double-folded hemming around all four edges and rust-free eyelets. Furthermore, metal hooks for hanging come as standard with all our windbreaks.

To purchase a standard size 12 x 2m windbreak, please visit our online shop here: Shop Tennis Court Windbreaks

Tennis Court Windbreaks by Tennis Court Supplies

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